Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you a lead service?

A - NO. We place work with our network members, 65% of which is secured.

Q - I already receive loads of Tenders, why do I need your service?

A - Most of our members became tired of being used as a pricing tool and spending more time completing tenders, they wanted to start pricing more local secured work with a much higher win rate.

Q - Do I have to pay for your service?

A - Yes. But only if the service and tenders are relevant. Do you charge for your service?

Q - Do I receive the projects from you?

A - No the projects will come direct from the client/contractor as the whole idea is for you to build a relationship with them.

Q - How many estimators and main contractors use the BR Network service and access their members?

A - There are over 60,000 estimators and buyers registered within 6,442 individual organisations (clients/main contractors/local authorities).

Q - How often do you update your projects and Contractor Information?

A - This a live working system so this is updated on a daily basis.

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